Forms We Use To Do Our Job

Our primary job is to reliably and accurately pass communications.  For the National Traffic System (NTS), the American Red Cross, and the Salvation Army, as well as general "health and welfare" messages, we primarily use the ARRL Radiogram.  When supporting the Incident Command System (ICS) we typically  use the ICS Form 213.

We frequently practice sending and receiving messages using these forms during our weekly nets.  Both forms are straightforward and easy to use.

First, essential message forms that every member should download, print, and keep handy
The National Traffic System (NTS), Red Cross,
and  the Salvation Army use the
 ARRL Radiogram (PDF)
This is the form we will use when passing
 "health and welfare" messages

and during our Monday night net when we send
practice message traffic.
ARRL FSD-3 (PDF) Abbreviations used in the ARRL Radiogram (PDF)
The Incident Command System (ICS) uses the
ICS Form 213 (PDF)
This is the form we will normally use when we support our served agencies.

Next, these are forms you may need if you are called on to setup amateur radio communications support for an incident.
ICS Form 205 (PDF)
Communications Plan
This is a blank ICS-205 form.  It is the most important form for an amateur
radio communicator when setting up a comm support plan for an incident.
Use this to publish which frequencies will be used on each amateur radio
net.  This will likely accompany another ICS Form 205 used for other
supporting agencies (i.e. law enforcement, fire, FEMA, FBI,...).
Fillable ICS Form 205 (docx)
Communications Plan
This is a blank ICS-205 form in that can be filled using Microsoft Word
97+. Use this form to type in the nets you want to use and the frequencies.
Fillable OCS Form 205A (PDF)
 Operators List
This is a blank ICS-205A form in fillable PDF format.  It is used to record methods
 of contact for incident personnel. It functions as an incident  personnel directory.
ICS Form 211 (PDF)
Check in List
This is a blank ICS-211 form.  Use it to record information about amateur
radio volunteers during an incident.  It records when they check in
 and lists when they have asked to leave.  It is very useful for planning duty schedules.
Fillable ICS Form-214 (PDF)
Activity Log
This is a blank fillable ICS-214 Activity Log.  It is used to record significant events for
 each amateur radio duty position (i.e. Net Control, organizational liaison, MACC liaison, etc.)
ICS Form-309 (PDF)
Communications Log
This is a blank ICS-309, revised for Clark County ARES/RACES. When supporting
the Clark County MACC, we are required to submit this form.  It is required, whether
we are working at home or deployed.  Here are the Instructions for ICS Form 309


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