We Augment and Support Vital Communications During Emergencies and Disasters for our Served Agencies especially "When all else fails"

Reference Information

ARRL Material for Communications Support
National Traffic System During disasters or other emergencies, radiograms are used
 to communicate information critical to saving lives or property,
 or to inquire about the health or welfare of a disaster victim.
ARRL Public Service Communications Manual The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) consists of trained
 radio amateurs who provide public service communications support.
  Check out the ARES Manual here.
ARRL Field Resources Manual This manual is intended to serve as a quick trainer and reference
 for amateurs deployed in the field for emergency services work,
primarily through the ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Service. It
provides basic program information, forms and operating aids
ARRL Quick Reference Operating Aids This handy operating aid contains four useful references including
 the UTC time conversion chart, the ITU phonetic alphabet, guidelines
to using the RST System, communication procedures and good
phone operating guidelines.

Jim Bassett, W1RO, Sep 11th presentation on the National Traffic System (NTS)

Manuals for the radios we use in our served hospitals and the Clark County Emergency Communications Center

Icom Instruction Manual for IC-F121S/IC-F221S  Used in our local hospitals
Icom Instruction Manual for IC-F121 and IC-F221  Used in the Clark County ECC
Icom Instruction Manual for PW-1 1kw Linear Amplifier  Used in the Clark County ECC
Motorola CDM1250 Manual
Motorola MCS 2000 Model 1 User Guide
Motorola M1225 Operator Guide  

Google Earth File of our served hospital locations

Hospital locations (.kml file)

                                                                    Packet - Outpost PMM and Winlink

As we continue to emphasize packet for communications, here are some very useful links to help get you started

Download Outpost program 
Outpost highlighted Users Guide & Documentation
Santa Clara County ARES-RACES Packet Site

Winlink Home Page

Request a Duplicate Amateur Radio License

 Download a copy of your license HERE.  Keep/store your FCC Federal Reference Number (FRN)  and password to make the process easier.  You can get a public "Reference Copy" of your license by searching for your call sign HERE and clicking on "Reference Copy".

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